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Don’t be such a sour wolf.


Don’t be such a sour wolf.


I’m on vacatioooooon!  

This is the first time I have internet, in days…I SURVIVED. Hahaha thank you so much for not unfollowing! I really appreaciate it :) so what did I miss?

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My Stydia Stages 


Season 1:

I did not ship Stydia and was like


Season 2:

They started to show the developement of Stiles and Lydia’s relationship and I was like 


Season 3: 

They started to show even more developement (ex. the kiss). I finally started shipping it and was like


Season 4:

No more Stydia moments (Stiles stops paying attention to Lydia and Lydia is lonely) and now I’m just like


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I’m going on vacation agaaaaain. I know you are all going to miss my posts ;)

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I was thinking about this: Allison, in season 3b, had visions of Kate, who was supposed to be dead. What if Allison had an strange psychic power and that’s why it was the key in the last cap?

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Inspired by: x

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